Learn How to Create Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages From Scratch Step By Step


 Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Course Duration & Payment Details

Days: Sundays Only
Timing: 02:00 to 05:00pm
Duration: 12 hours
Starting from: Sunday, 24 January 2021
Last date of registration: Friday, 15 January 2021

Actual Fee: 18000/-  | Early bird discount: 9000/-
How to Pay: Online Payment
Bank: Habib Bank Limited
Title: Irfan
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What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn Data Migration Techniques
  • Learn How to work with various DataFlow Transformations
  • Learn How to work with various ControlFlow Activities
  • Learn How to use Configuration Files
  • Learn How to make Dynamic SSIS Packages
  • Learn How to work with WMI Tasks
  • Learn How to use MSMQ to pass messages between Packages
  • Learn How to improve the DB Performance by using Maintenance Plan Tasks
  • Learn How to Implement CheckPoints
  • Learn How to work with various Data Sources and Data Destinations
  • Learn How to do Event Handling


  • SSIS is an enterprise-level Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Development tool.
  • SSIS is one of the most powerful applications for moving data in and out of various databases and files.
  • This course provides developers with thorough knowledge in developing SSIS Packages with SQL Server 2016.
  • In this course by development expert Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri, you’ll learn essential concepts that you need to know to build SSIS Packages from scratch.
  • This course provides step-by-step walk-throughs and demos that you’re encouraged to practice along with to enhance the learning process.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

  • Requirement of SSIS
  • Introduction of SSIS
  • Loading Data into SQL Server using SSIS
    • Pipe Delimited, Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited, Multiple Text Files, Single & Multiple Excel files,
  • Loading Data From SQL Table
    • Text File, another SQL Table
  • Connection Manager (Local and Global Connections)
  • Using Multiple Data Flow Tasks
  • Selecting Specific Columns & Manual Column Mapping
  • For Loop Container
    • Foreach Loop Container (Foreach Item Enumerator)
    • Foreach Loop Container (ADO.NET Schema Rowset Enumerator)
  • DataViewer (Enable Utilize, Disable Data Viewer)
  • Automate Excel File Generation From SQL Data Using SSIS
  • Load Multiple (Excel) Files and Archive them in a folder
  • Execute SQL Task Result Set XML ResultSet
  • Working with Import Export Wizard
  • Capturing File Path and/or File Name you are loading data from without using Script Task
  • Difference Between Control Flow Elements and Data Flow Elements
  • Understanding Precedence Constraints
  • Adding Derived columns using Derived Column Component
  • Understanding Multicast Component
  • Understanding Conditional Split Component
  • Understanding Data Conversion Task
  • Transformation
    • Sort Transformation
    • Remove Duplicates from data using Sort Transformation Task
    • Data Merge & Transformation
    • Union All Transformation
    • Merge Join Transformation
    • Aggregate Transformation
    • Row Count Transformation
    • Audit Transformation
  • Raw Source and Raw Destination Component
  • Expression Task
  • Controlling Package Flow Using Execute SQL Task
  • Bulk Insert Task
  • Execute Process Task (Calling Batch File)
  • Execute Process Task (Zipping a File)
  • Execute Process Task (Unzipping a File)
  • Execute Unzip and load files to a database table
  • Understanding Expression Builder
  • Lookup Transformation
    • UPSERT (Update + Insert) Using Lookup Transformation
    • UPSERT Working on Performance Improvement
  • Working with File System Task