Power Virtual Agents Chatbot

Power Virtual Agents is a chatbot that helps businesses improve customer service and reduce the workload on their customer support team. It uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to customer inquiries and requests in a natural, human-like manner. Power Virtual Agents can handle a wide range of tasks, including answering frequently asked questions, assisting with account management, and providing product or service information. It is a versatile tool that can be customized to fit the needs of any business, making it a valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their customer support process.


Course Duration & Payment Details

Days: Saturday & Sunday
Timing: 07:30 to 10:00pm
Duration: 20 hours
Starting from: Saturday, 05 June 2021
Last date of registration: Monday, 31 May 2021

Actual Fee: 20,000/-
How to Pay: Online Payment
Bank: Habib Bank Limited
Title: Irfan
Account No: 0011557900292501 | PK02HABB0011557900292501

Training Highlights

Introduction and Pre-requisites

  • The Basic
  • Setting with Power Virtual Agent
  • Create a free account

Build Your First Chatbot

  • Create bots and work with the Power Virtual Agents interface
  • Build chatbots for your organization
  • Working with Power Virtual Agents user interface
  • Use a system or sample topic
  • Create a new topic and dialog
  • Work with conversation nodes
  • Edit a topic
  • Create a topic from existing content

Create Topics from Existing Webpages

Improve your Chatbot using Entities, Variables, and Topic Redirects

  • Nodes and the conversation path
  • Ask a question
  • Create a custom entity
  • Configure the Authentication
  • Add a conditional to your topic
  • Delete branch logic
  • Use an entity in your topic
  • Turn topics on or off and go to a topic
  • Restart the conversation
  • Closing out the conversation
  • End the conversation
  • More on topics
  • Test your bot

Publish and Monitor a Bot

  • Bot Publishing: The Basics
  • Publish your bot
  • Publish into the demo website
  • Publish into the Microsoft Teams
  • View and share your bot
  • Analyze bot usage and performance

Power Automate & Other Integrations

  • Integrate with Prebuilt Power Automate Flows
  • Create a new Power Automate Flows
  • Power Automate & Other integrations (Authentications)
  • Power Automateconnectors


  • Chatbot Topic design
  • Best Practices for writing topic trigger phrases
  • Chatbot conversation style
  • Analytics, Monitoring, and Chatbot performance Improvement
Power Virtual Agent | Chatbot