Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics
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Do you want to create dashboards that provide at-a-glance insights into your team’s key metrics such as quotas, market size, and opportunities and the ability to quickly drill down for more details? Do you want to blend your sales data with data from marketing, finance, and other functions to get a holistic view of the business?

Power BI lets you create these dashboards and interactive reports in seconds and visualize the metrics important to your team. Simple drag-and-drop gestures let you easily dive deep into your data to find improvements, correlations, and outliers.

Advantage of Sales Analytics Dashboard:

– Reporting, Analysing, and Presenting Data in Real-Time
– Performance Management
– Inventory Management
– Optimise Sales Activities
– Forecasting
– Increased Accessibility
– Automatic Updates
– Monitor sales numbers
– Increase profitability
– Keep your team motivated and accountable
– Reduce the amount of time putting together detailed reports
– Key performance indicators
– Better decision-making

sales analytics