Customer Relationship Management

CRM Dashboard
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A CRM dashboard is a feature of most customer relationship management that provides at-a-glance reporting on important sales activities and performance metrics. It helps sales professionals by providing a quick look at the health of their sales pipeline and an overview of the tasks and activities they need to focus on next.

CRM dashboards work by collecting information from different parts of your database and presenting them in a graphic layout that gives you a high-level view of your sales process. Most allow you to configure the components that you want to view, including information about your sales pipeline, upcoming tasks and action items, recent activities, new leads and deals, and sales performance metrics.

Advantage of CRM Dashboard:

– Better decision-making
– Increased insight
– Consistent performance
– Maximum access & efficiency
– Innovation impact
– Align your goals and objectives
– Pipeline reports
– Sales conversion reports
– Sales cycle CRM reports
– Goal benchmarking reports
– Marketing ROI reporting
– Trustworthy reporting
– Dashboards that visually showcase data
– Improved messaging with automation
– Proactive service
– Efficiency enhanced by automation
– Simplified collaboration
– More engagement