Call Center KPI Dashboard

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A call center dashboard is an intuitive visual reporting tool that displays a range of relevant call center metrics and KPIs that allow customer service managers and teams to monitor and optimize performance and spot emerging trends in a central location.

The digestible visual displays associated with call center reporting not only help to simplify the analysis process, thereby significantly reducing data consumption time – but the interactive nature of these reports empowers users to extract invaluable real-time data with ease.

Advantage of Call Center Dashboard:

– Set Your Customer Service Goals
– Pick the Right KPI metrics
– Help Your Agents Do Better
– Monitor all touchpoints
– First Response Time
– Call Volume Trends
– Call Handle Time
– First Call Resolution (FCR)
– Quality of Recent Support
– Average Wait Time
– Customer Satisfaction & Recommendations
– Top Support Agents
– Customer Retention
– Support Costs Vs. Revenue